why dogs are better than women.
FemiNazi is the last attempt of dead social

  • Dogs don't vote for corrupted politicians.

  • Dogs are not jealous about other species.

  • Dogs don't think only about their pussy all the time.

  • Dogs don't open their legs for money.

  • Dogs are fun, they don't want to change you all the time.

  • Dogs know that they don't own their children.

  • Dogs never kill their babies, even when LAW said so.

  • Dogs don't use their children for privileges.

  • Dogs have their own character, independent of what is the “Market”

  • Dogs never whine, neg,..lablablab..

  • Dogs don't do any thing, only because feminism said so.

  • Dogs are not only a body, they have soul.

  • Dogs don't use Sex for exchange of some thing.

  • Dogs don't think “it is all about me”

  • Dogs politically are” incorrect”.

  • Dogs accept you, not because of your credit cards.

  • Dogs believe in values, not in gold.

  • Dogs are men's friends.

  • Dogs know that you don't own them any thing.

  • Dogs don't ask any privileges.

  • Dogs never manipulate you.

  • Dogs are not sheep, they think.

  • Dogs don't lye

  • Dogs don't make false accusations.  

  • Dogs know, what they don't know, they ask.

  • Dogs can love, not only faking.

  • Dogs know their limits.

  • Dogs appropriate what you give them.  

  • Dogs don't want a big government, they are independent.

  • Dogs are honest.

  • Dogs are not feminist.

  • Dogs share their life with you, they don't suck.

  • Dogs stay with you, even when you lost your job.

  • Dogs never cheat on you.

  • Dogs give their life for you.

  • Dogs don't leave you when there is a better chances.

  • Dogs don't ask what are you thinking for fighting you.

  • Dogs don't cry to get what they want.

  • Dogs love  your friends.
Why Dogs are better than Women.
The Psychology of Thought
Control, Menticide, and
Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D
Social Control:

( Originally Published
1915 )
Men's panel,
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what you are
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Men's Panel
New Men
what does it mean?
What are the root
for it?.
New generations of
How new man is
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New men, genius men.
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